TweeParties Getting Started Page for Beginners

It's time to take flight! But how to leave the nest? Here's a quick guide to getting started and preparing to attend your first Twitter party:


  • Sign up for a free Twitter account. If you don't have one already, fly on over to Twitter and get a free Twitter account. Pick an ID that suits your personality.

  • Get used to Twitter. Learn your way around Twitter a bit: follow some of your friends or people/organizations you are interested in (Start by follow TweeParties!). Send a few tweets, see how your timeline updates with new posts once you start to follow others, and learn some of the Twitter terminology.

  • Find a Party. Once you've become acclimated with Twitter, it's time to PARTY! Find a party on our calendar and click that party's link to learn more (or sign up to be a TweeVIP and get weekly e-mail party updates!) Some parties require that you register in advance, some don't. The link to the party's page should make it clear what you need to do to attend.

  • Follow the Party Hosts. If you find a party to attend and click on the party link, you will see a list of the host(s) for that particular party. It's a good idea to follow them beforehand so that you can learn about any last-minute changes or updates to that party.

  • Follow the Party Hashtag. Be sure to include it in all of your tweets during the party, so other attendees can see them. If you use a Twitter aggregator program (see next bullet point), these will automatically add the #hashtag for you.

  • Decide How You Will Follow the Party. You could attend the party through Twitter. You just need to follow the hosts and the #hashtag (I attended my first party this way). However, you will need to manually refresh your screen in order to see any new tweets, which can become tedious. You might want to try a "Twitter Aggregator" program, or free software that compiles all tweets from a particular follower, hashtag or both! Popular aggregators are: Tweet Grid, Tweet Deck, Tweet Chat or Twubs. Whatever program you choose, give it a try beforehand so you'll be better prepared in time for the event. For more information on which aggregator to choose, check out our recent article about Twitter aggregators here!
  • Relax, Be Patient and Have Fun! It might take attending a party or two to really get the hang of Twitter parties. The more popular the topic or party, the faster-paced they might seem.. Don't worry about trying to view every tweet, take part in every conversation or chat with everyone at the party. Just sit back, say what's on your mind, explore the topic being discussed and have fun!

  • Contact Us. If you have any other questions, please contact us at and we will do our best to help. Happy Twittering!