Oct 29

With Hurricane #Sandy barreling down in the East Coast and major power outages expected, @FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) issued a statement today urging people to stay connected via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook when other modes of communication fail. One of many tweet reads:

People’s in Sandy’s path are also being urged to charge up their phones and to follow certain Twitter accounts, such as @FEMA, for updates, alerts and tips. Local governing agencies are also setting up or pointing people to certain Twitter accounts to keep people informed, since many might still be able to access social media sites via phone during the storm.

During many emergencies over the last few years — tornadoes, hurricanes and the tsunami in Japan — people who found themselves without a landline or land internet connection — were able to connect via smartphone. Many Twitter accounts, especially those for news services and government agencies, dedicated their Twitter accounts to posting information and updates about the disasters. People also were able to locate family members and friends via social sites.

Here’s a list of sites & accounts to follow during #Sandy:

National Hurricane Center – get text/email updates

@NHC_Atlantic – National Hurricane Center

@usNWSgov – NOAA’s National Weather Service

@WeatherChannel – The Weather Channel

@TWC_Hurricane – The Weather Channel Hurricane Updates

LIVE Updates/News from the New York Times

GOOGLE Map for Hurricane Sandy

GOOGLE Map Specifically for New York City







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2 Responses to “Tweeting Through the Storm: Staying Safe & Connected via Social Media During #Sandy – RESOURCES”

  1. PromarkLandscaping Says:

    As a landscaping company with a substantial tree service department, I can tell you, that even a week after Sandy, we are still servicing people who had storm damage. Some majorly some minorly. Although, in our service area, as bad as we were hit, its still not as bad as areas of Pennsylvania to the North of us and most of the New Jersey coast.

    Well, thanks for your list of resources. I was just checking out your site, as we are just started using Twitter, and a friend of ours (Baldydog) recommended we check you out.
    Not sure if our target markets would be Twitter parties though..but hey you never know now do you.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for reading & responding! I’m glad Adam pointed you in our direction! And I’m glad to hear you made it through the storm okay. I imagine it will take a while for the region to fully recover. ~Erin

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